A week in the life of a newborn

Today Sammy is one week old. At 4.50am to be precise.

He’s now a week old baby.

Wow, it’s gone so quickly yet at the same time it feels like he’s always been here.

We wouldn’t be without him. He makes our family complete.

We were lucky enough to be discharged the same day he was born. We came home and he met his brother

What we didn’t think about is how we’d get him to sleep in his Moses basket. With the pob he was in special care to start with and by the time he came to us had slept in a cot there and then spent five nights in my hospital bed at night so I didn’t have to lift him after my section. So we’d never had to think of how to get him to sleep in a Moses basket. But with Sammy on his first night in the world he didn’t want to be alone, he wanted to sleep with us, so he did. Daddy had to sleep in the spare room and we slept together. I didn’t see the point in us both being exhausted again, after all we’d missed an entire nights sleep the night before.

He’s been quiet and content all week. He barely makes a peep, he has cried having his nappy changed and shouted once for twice for milk but he is in general the most placid baby. I put it down to the way he entered the world, in a calm and relaxed environment.

He loves his bouncy chair and has slept in it in the day time, getting used to sleeping alone. His second and third night in the world he slept with us in bed but by his fourth night he was in his Moses basket without a problem. The only thing that unsettled him at night has been Huggies nappies. They just leak! We’ve now sacked them off after every single wee soaked through his clothes. He’s now much happier in pampers. He’s been feeding about every four hours at night.

And loves his Ewan the Dream Sheep. It’s fab, especially at night. It actually reminds me of labour as the heartbeat option sounds exactly like the monitor of his heartbeat. It’s lovely and soothing.

He’s changed over the past week, he’s feeding better, his poos changed on day 3, when the milk came in. He’s still sleeping all the time but now when he’s awake he’s trying to focus more on your face and is turning towards lights. He’s going cross eyed if he concentrates too hard! He gets the hiccoughs a lot, just like when he was in my tummy.

The pob adores him, on Sammy’s second morning at home he came and got in bed with us, laid down next to Sammy and stated ‘love you baby Sammy’ unprompted, by himself. He likes mummy to hold Sammy, likes to kiss him, is very gentle. He’s been mimicking Sammy’s sounds which is very sweet. The pob was a total nightmare on day three of Sammy’s life, but it was down to us, we’d shipped him to the new house and were late for his tea. Since then we’ve been more sensitive with him, doing normal things like going to the park, he’s much happier as life gets back to normal.

Sammy is a beautiful baby, his skin is darker than the pobs, more like his Daddy’s and really smooth and soft. His dark hair is falling out a little already, like the pobs did before it went blonde. He is just so perfect. Perfectly beautiful and perfectly calm and peaceful. I love my little big boy, one whole week old already.



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