The Hopbine

Renovation: End of phase 2 (we own the Hopbine)

So the decision is in.

Our house now officially belongs to us. Hurrah. It is the end of phase 2. I honestly never thought we would get here. If you’ve told me in January that before the baby is born we would own the Hopbine I would have laughed. I would not have believed you. Yet here we are. We own a four bed house. With an ensuite (yes it’s an empty room but that’s not the point!). I never thought we would own a house like this. Ever ever. We never would have been able to if we hadn’t renovated.

After all the blood sweat and tears (not to mention tantrums – me, shouting – also me, beard – Jason). All the immense effort from our friends and family for which we will be eternally grateful. The mortgage company has approved the full funds for the Hopbine, they’ve declared it habitable, we have completed and it belongs to us. Pamela Collins-Boon, our financial advisor,(Pamela Collins-Boon, Tel: Office 01582 404004 Fax: 01582 420444 Mobile: 07798 904537) has worked miracles.

It is our home. Our family home. Thank goodness for that after spending thousands to get it there.

The plastering in the whole house is now done and it looks fantastic. It makes a huge difference. The stairs and landing have been plastered and made good. Doors are on, skirting is on. It looks a world apart from when we started the work. From the initial survey it looks like a different property.

And because of the demands of the mortgage company, we are now in a better position than we would’ve been in terms of how much work needs to be done til we can decorate. Most of the huge work has been done. Apart from the outside (painting and front fencing). We are lucky we were able to pull people in to do the work but they came through for us and now we can even think about how to decorate – I never thought that would happen.

It’s strange, I do feel relieved, pleased and excited, I know we are over the worst of it now but I feel strangely calm about it. Perhaps it’s because now we need to think about the baby.

I’m immensely proud of how hard Jason has worked, every single night for over a month (after work) and every single day at the weekend. He has had one afternoon off in the whole time. He really has put his all in to it for us. What a wonderful husband. And he has made us what is going to be a wonderful home. Through it all he has put up with me crying, shouting, moaning and generally being pregnant and he has remained calm and focused. He’s got it done, he made it happen, he stuck at it. He’s missed time with me and his son. He’s not worn normal clothes for more than a month (or shaved) but he’s done it.

We’ve really seen how much some people in our lives mean to us through this process, those who have gone all out to help us and support us either by giving up their own time for free, rearranging their own work to work at our house, cleaning, shifting rubbish, packing, moving (or storing) our stuff, doing work in the house according to our demands, giving us money, time, effort. There are some people who’ve gone all out in other ways, to look after me, feed me, entertain me, listen to me, check up on me, make sure I’m not lonely, realise I needed someone. People have been amazing.

People have given with us asking and without us asking, have seen our desperation at times and put us before themselves and their own families. Even our financial advisor. For some reason we’ve just had all this amazing help and we just could not have got to this point without the people who have helped us.

So I guess for me I just want to say thank you. To everyone who has helped us. You cannot ever know how much it has meant to me and in one way or another I hope we can repay you (or at least pay you!). And soppy as it is to my wonderful husband, who has kept me going over the past month and who I love, depend on and am proud to be with. Who is there at the Hopbine right now, even though we have the mortgage, even though he doesn’t have a strict time limit anymore, even though he is missing the football (again).

Now perhaps I can relax enough to have the baby…

On to phase 3…and will we ever move in!?

2 thoughts on “Renovation: End of phase 2 (we own the Hopbine)

  1. So glad and happy for you that it is all ok and the Hopbine is yours, it looks amazing, even at blank canvas stage, so can’t wait to see it when you have finished with it! Congratulations on your new home xxxx

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