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The standard bank holiday 40 week pregnant trip to Wimpole (National Trust)

I love bank holiday weekends. They are the perfect time to explore National Trust sites. We’re lucky to have a fantastic National Trust site really near us, Wimpole.

Wimpole has a mansion house, extensive grounds and gardens, a farm, and lots of play areas. It’s HUGE! I will never bore of visiting and have to admit like to imagine I once lived there, grand dresses, parasols and all…

As usual this weekend MrSlender was working on the house. Dad was at a car show so me and Mum decided we’d go to Wimpole. We (mum) packed up a picnic and off we went for opening.

We managed to park right at the front of the car park, thank goodness (by the time we left cars were parked half a mile away!) and off we went. I should probably mention it was Sunday, my actual due date.

Mums a member but we aren’t so we paid for the farm and tootled off very slowly. It’s quite a walk, I wish I’d hired an electric buggy!!!

Off to the farm with Granny


What’s funny is last time I was pregnant we went to Wimpole, it was of course May bank holiday weekend, it was the day after I was due 8th May 2011. We went with my Pledger family, including my niece and nephews. So here I was again 40 weeks pregnant at Wimpole, coincidence!

I was hoping I’d get to say my waters broke or my contractions started, perhaps that I gave birth in the grand house and got lifelong membership, alas I have no such story to tell…

'I running' to the farm (grazed elbow in results hence the running on grass)
‘I running’ to the farm (grazed elbow in result hence the running on grass)

We did however have a wonderful time at the farm. We watched feeding demonstrations, visited all the animals (they are all perfect for children to observe), played on tractors and in the play areas, had a picnic, had an ice cream, but the pobs favourite was by far playing in the straw. Or cow food as he called it.

Having a rest with mummy!
Having a rest with mummy!

This is why I love the National Trust, it gives every child a new experience to explore and learn. Just a few simple bales of straw stacked round like a play pen. The pob ran round and round declaring ‘cow food, I cited!!!!!!’ He stayed in there for about 40 minutes exploring. But where else would he get to experience something so simple as straw bales?! Me and mum both grew up on farms with mum living on her parents farm and me visiting and studying frequently as a child. Sometimes you forget the simplest pleasures that just aren’t open to everyone. It was magical to watch.20130507-065630.jpg


Mum and I would have loved time to visit the walled gardens and the house but both me and the pob were tired and there was only room in the pushchair for one. Another time.

A wonderful bank holiday day out to our local National Trust site. And what a coincidence timing wise for me!


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