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Country kids: making bird feeders (speedy bird cake)

This week I’m a bit out if energy to go out and run about with the pob so we decided to spend some time at home (mum and dads still) making something for the outdoors.

The pob loves birds. Bird was one of his very first signs and he loves to point out different types of bird (so far he can identify a blackbird, pigeon, robin, mummy duck, daddy duck, swan, moorhen). The rest get ‘whatsssat mummy’, I need to get a book, I’ve no idea (even though I used to work for the RSPB and we regularly go to The Lodge nature reserve).

So, as a not too taxing task for me we decided to make bird feeders for the garden. There are already feeders and bird houses in the garden, it’s frequented by a lot of birds. Grandpop’s even has a camera in one of the nest boxes to watch on the TV. Which is delightfully interesting (when the bird is popping in and out). We’re hoping it will nest in there but has not quite mustered the confidence to yet.

We decided to recycle so we used a foil pie container and the pobs fave, a strawberry custard pot.

I found the recipe for speedy bird cake from the Wildlife Explorers page on the RSPB website.

You need:
Good quality bird seed; raisins; peanuts; grated cheese; suet or lard; yoghurt pots; string; mixing bowl; scissors

Most of the ingredients we already had, we just needed lard although thinking about it now I’m pretty sure now that we had suet in the cupboard….never mind!


It’s easy as pie (or speedy bird cake). We set up outside in the sunshine, laid out all out ingredients and got to it. I made sure I was explaining to the pob all the time so that he understood and maintained his interest.

He was in charge of the cake mix, he started with cubing up half a block of lard…all by himself. It’s the first time I’ve let him use a knife.

Then he mixed in the bird seed whilst I grated the cheese.

The cheese went in and the raisins.

Then he had a big job of mixing it all which I did help with a bit as it was quite stiff still despite the sunshine.

I made holes in our pots to thread the string and the pob pulled the string through.

I filled up my silver pot, he filled his custard pot.


Then he carefully carried then to the fridge to set overnight.

In the morning he was delighted to retrieve the feeders after breakfast and picked his own tree to hang his. We’re watching out to see when they start to eat from them.


The pob is immensely proud of his speedy bird cake bird feeder and has taking Granny and Grandpops out to show it off.

It was a lovely thing to do outside in the sunshine with my baby nearly 2 year old.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 thoughts on “Country kids: making bird feeders (speedy bird cake)

  1. This is a great project for the children. I used to do things like this with my children when they were young. It is important to teach and train them about the birds when they are young so they keep it up when they are older.

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