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An auction to remember for Matilda Mae

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

This is a post about someone I have never met yet I have followed her ups and downs and spoken to her as part of an online community. It’s a strange feeling how you can share someone’s grief without knowing them. You just feel like you need to do something to help.

Back on 2nd February 2013, Jennie, from Edspire, lost her baby girl, Matilda Mae. Matilda Mae died through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or cot death as we commonly know it. There are no words to convey our sympathy for the deep pain losing a child must bring, so suddenly and cruelly. Jennie and her family aren’t alone in their suffering, many others will face the same devastation.

There has been much support in the online community for Jennie and her family through this tragic time, now it’s time to show Jennie how much we all care and help her in her next quest.

I have been amazed at how Jennie has thrown herself in to helping others and raising money for the Lullaby Trust. She is a true inspiration. And now it’s our turn. An online auction is being organised as a way for everyone to be able to show their support in aid of the Lullaby Trust. There will be more details available soon over at Ghost Writer Mummy, Edspire and Tots100. When the info is available please please share it, place a bid and let other’s know why it is happening.

Click on the image /widget above for auction info. The auction is due to open on May 11th and will run until May 20th. It is being run by Tots100 and full details of the auction site will also be added soon.

The Lullaby Trust funds research into SIDS so that families like Matilda’s can be supported and given answers they so desperately need. The Lullaby Trust also guides and supports families in making the first steps towards growing their family once more, with their Care of Next Infant program. They also provide a bereavment support service and help to educate parents on the importance of safe sleeping.


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