the sissy

Mummy-Sammy shopping trip

Today Sammy and I went pram shopping. It was lovely. Firstly because I could actually shop without ‘the fear’ (of a toddler spilling/smashing/shouting/stamping on something). Secondly because Sammy got all the attention. Thirdly because it was just us for the first time since in hospital after he was born. We went to John Lewis. I… Continue reading Mummy-Sammy shopping trip


2013 365 #151 ‘painting chairs’

Today we had tea with the boys Slender cousin Martha and Uncle Jamie. Everyone had a lovely time together playing and the toddlers ‘painted’ the chairs (with water). Daddy turned up in time for tea and afterwards had a hilarious time with the children in the garden. He’s just like his own dad, fantastic at… Continue reading 2013 365 #151 ‘painting chairs’

365 · The pobs

2013 365 #149 ‘hold it baby Sammy’

In the mornings the pob us always excited to hold his newborn baby brother. This morning we spent ten minutes saying good morning in my bed before we went down to breakfast. Sammy now is much more awake and you can see the twinkle in his eye for his big brother. I can’t wait to… Continue reading 2013 365 #149 ‘hold it baby Sammy’

365 · the sissy

2013 365 #144 ‘first bath’

This evening Sammy had his first bath. He loved it. He was quiet, not a single cry. He was so relaxed. The pob loved bathing with his little brother and was extremely careful. About half an hour after his bath his cord fell off. So we are now cordless, hurrah! Another milestone. Shame it hadn’t… Continue reading 2013 365 #144 ‘first bath’

365 · The pobs

2013 365 #142 ‘Brotherly love’

Here are my boys today. What brotherly love. Sammy at nine days old has changed today. He’s much more alert, properly focussing on faces and shadows / outlines near to his face. He’s had more awake time today than ever before, studying things, especially his big brother. The pob is wanting Sammy to wake up,… Continue reading 2013 365 #142 ‘Brotherly love’