The Hopbine

Renovation end of phase 2: the survey decision

Our survey has been done. We have hauled in as many favours as we could with our friends in the trade, MrSlender has worked night and day.

We have a working kitchen, a working bathroom, all windows have been replaced, downstairs has been plastered except a tiny bit round the front door (as we are replacing the door). We have flooring in the kitchen. The dry rot in the cellar is gone. The wall plate has been replaced in the cellar. All damp proofing has been done.

Upstairs is a bit messier. The main bedroom is nearly all plastered, just round the window left as when it was done the window hadn’t yet been replaced. But the rest of upstairs needs tidying plaster wise. Tacking and skimming. We have a temporary structure at the top of the stairs where a wall has been taken down where there will be a bannister and spindles (but we can’t do that until it’s plastered). Electrics have been done, plumbing has been done.

We have been approved for the mortgage in terms of us and finance but the house hasn’t, yet.

We had four week’s between exchange and completion but we missed completion date (25th April), we knew we were going to, there was just so much to do. So we have 10 days legally to then complete before we lose our deposit *huge intake of breath*.

We heard yesterday we have a retention on the entire mortgage. GRIM. They want to reinspect on Tuesday (7th) when they want plastering finished, all woodwork done and a couple of other bits. So it is touch and go even if we get this done if the mortgage money will be in in time for completion on Friday. And if not we have to complete on our relative’s money or we lose our deposit plus the money we put in to the house so far.

From this I have learnt NEVER THINK YOU ARE OVER THE HUMP! Yes everyone worked their butts off, but turns out it wasn’t enough. Don’t be fooled in to a false sense of security just because you think you’ve done good. With a renovation keep going, never stop until it’s done. And the grand old saying it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Or it ain’t over until the mortgage money is in. Our last day to complete before we lose the deposit is the pob’s birthday (10th May). It is going to be a long week. And our baby is due Sunday.

Now to cross my legs, hold my breath and hope that at reinspection on Tuesday they release the funds…watch this space

The living room
The kitchen
The bad bit of hallway that needs sorting
The sissy’s room
Our bedroom

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