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Blossom nursing bra: a review and giveaway

Most nursing bras are ugly. Most are ridiculously expensive too. But they are an absolute ESSENTIAL for breastfeeding. It’s an investment that you have to make. What makes it tougher is sizing-how do you know what to buy before you have your baby as your boobs change so much and not just once either. Up and down like balloons.

I found a good rule of thumb is for example if you are normally (not pregnant) a big 32, sometimes a 34, go for a 34, it will fit again once the baby is out. It’s amazing how quickly your ribcage gets smaller. If you normally wear a 34 on the tightest hook go for a 34, you have other hooks to use! If you are on the loosest hook already go up a size from normal.

For cup size measure yourself then try on nursing bras a week or two before you’re due and make sure you can fit a finger in the cup too, room for a bit of expansion. Get two nursing bras. You’ll get milk on them, they’ll be constantly in the wash and you can rotate. Get more when feeding is established, or don’t if you then chose to bottle feed, it’s an expensive purchase if you don’t feed for long. Cheap nursing bras do not support you enough, that is a fact. You’ll also need to sleep in some kind of nursing bra/sleep bra.

This is where the Blossom bra from Royce Lingerie comes in. It’s a new design from Royce where you can adjust it to look and feel like a normal cupped bra or turn it in to a sleepwear shaped bra, extremely comfy.

Bra mode
Bra mode

I have one and since I’ve had it I’ve worn it a lot. I’m 39 weeks pregnant and it’s wonderfully comfy. I know, from when I breastfed the pob that I will find it fab in the first few weeks as my boobs go up and down getting used to my milk supply. That’s if I’m lucky and manage to feed again. It’s the kind of investment you need in your first few days and then weeks to make you comfy in your clothes. It is 100% going in my hospital bag (to be honest I’ll probably be wearing it when I go in!).

It’s soft and supple but attractive too. I would say that in ‘bra mode’ with the string pulled tight it can poke out and need to be tucked under. I’ve also found that when you loosen or tighten the string you need to readjust the straps but in my mind this is fine considering how versatile it is and how it will be comfortable through your first few weeks of feeding when your boobs change shape so dramatically.

Sleep bra mode
Sleep bra mode

As nursing bras go this one is great value for money due to its versatility and I can honestly say when I wear it I don’t fidget with it at all, I don’t even know its there (apart from my boobs are in the correct place as they otherwise wouldn’t be!).


If you are going to or are already breastfeeding I have a Blosson Nursing Bra from Royce to giveaway. To enter my competition to win a Blossom nursing bra in your size all you need to do is click on the link below and fill in the information to my Rafflecopter:

Blossom nursing bra giveaway with PobbingAlong

One winner will be picked at random on 10th May and will be contacted via email/Facebook/Twitter to find out delivery details and required bra size.

This post has been written as an honest review of the Blossom nursing bra. Although I have been provided the product by Royce I have not received payment for this post.

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