The pobs

Our 39 week midwife visit

photo-791241Today was my 39 week appointment. I wanted to write about it because it was one of those experiences you don’t want to forget.

It was at 2.15pm so I had to get the pob up a bit early from his normal 12-2 nap. He was an absolute delight and not cranky at all which is rare when he hasn’t had all his normal sleep time. Off we trotted to the doctors. He knew we were going for a check up on mummy and the baby.

When the midwife came to get us he was very polite and charmed the socks off her. He has been to an appointment before so knew I needed to lay on the bed but did request a turn himself. When I was laying on the bed he stood next to the midwife to help her and she explained what she was doing and pointed out a lumpy bit which was the baby’s foot to him. He was very interested. He helped to find the baby’s heartbeat and listened intently to it as the midwife explained. Today at tea time he said ‘Mummy I hear baby heart’ patting his own heart.

He was especially taken by the measuring of the bump and after my turn insisted on having his tummy measured. Mummy just wouldn’t do, he wanted the midwife to measure. Luckily she was wonderfully patient and measured his tummy and declared it was 10! He was delighted. She let him ride up and down on the bed and spoke to him like he was the little man he now is.

When my BP was taken (115/79 – not bad, bit high for me, usually 91/55 ish but its been a bad day) he pressed the buttons and listened so carefully to her instructions. He was just an absolute delight. I was so proud of him. He’s been talking abut the midwife appointment all afternoon and is so chuffed he got to help out.

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