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Country kids: Granny’s garden

This week has been a beautiful week for getting outside and every sunny day we’ve spent the majority of the day in the garden.

At 39 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) I’m just not up to long energetic walks or trips out. We’re lucky we have beautiful outside space to take advantage of whilst we’re at Granny’s.

In the garden this week we’ve put banana and crumbs down to watch what the ants to with them, searched for wiggly worms, watched the birds, dug the sand pit, played tennis and football, helped Granny with the gardening, camped in a tent and hidden like Andy Pandy under the weeping silver birch. We’ve visited the garden centre to chose new plants and helped to lay wood chip. We’ve refreshed the sandpit with new sand and drawn chalk on the patio. We’ve had lots of friends to play, eaten ice creams and bounced on the trampoline.

The pob adores playing in the garden and I hope our new garden will get some use this summer (it’s being turfed next week).

I need to invest in some new garden toys, balls, rackets, chalks, a trampoline and a water table. I’m determined our garden will be a place of fun and happiness just like Granny’s.

Anyone have any must have garden toys or activities!?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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