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My new bathroom, with bathshop321 and Tots100

This post is an entry in to the Tots100 and Bathshop321 competition to win a brand new bathroom suite and £500 towards sprucing up your bathroom.

My insane husband has convinced me that the best possible way to move up the housing ladder is to buy an old pub three doors down from our old home and convert it in to a house. Here we are, a few weeks down the line. We’ve bought it but can’t live in it. We’re living with my parents again (with our two year old) as we’ve sold our home. Oh and I am 39 weeks pregnant on Sunday.

The thoughts of being in the new home are long gone for the new arrival. As always with these things they take far longer than first thought and millions of things crop up to stall you.

This bathroom is simply staying a box of plaster, we haven’t the money to do it at the moment. It’s the least of our worries and way down the priority list for the little money we have. Some days I honestly wonder what an earth we have got ourselves in to with no space of our own and no home. It will be a home soon, just an unfinished one.

I would love some space of our own with a beautiful Hamilton Traditional suite, I’m hoping these stressful days might become a thing of the past, that’s why I’m entering this post in to the Tots100 and Bathshop321 competition to win a bathroom suite and £500 towards your bathroom…I want our bathroom to be traditional, the pub was built in 1886 so this suite would work really well. I want wallpaper too – mental I know. I adore Aquariam by Nina Campbell (above). I think some clean white tiling, twin sinks, finished off with black and white chequered flooring. I am a traditionalist through and through.

On another note, I am genuinely impressed by the current sale Bathshop321 have on. It is fab (and believe me I have looked at LOTS of prices of loo’s, showers, sinks, baths lately). Go have a look.

One thought on “My new bathroom, with bathshop321 and Tots100

  1. Love this post, I can almost feel your anticipation at the thought of this new home. Hang on in there, It’ll certainly be worth it, and following your review I may even check out the Bathshop321 sale myself.

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