Country kids: first trip to standalone 2013

Yesterday was the first time this season I’ve taken the pob to our local farm, Standalone. It was so sunny and what with Daddy ‘fix it new house’ night and day we needed to go out somewhere close, fun and not too tiring for a 38 week pregnant mother who is constantly a lone parent!

So off we trundled with our picnic.

We bought some chicken feed and made our way around the farm. The pob has been a few times already this spring with Granny and Auntie Lucy and firmly knows his way around the farm demanding ‘rabbits now mummy’ ‘train now mummy’.

We had a look at the chicks and talked about why some were smaller than others and how fast they grow.

We visited Thomas, Henry and Gordon at the model railway and the pob delighted in posting his pennies in to make the trains run.

We fed the hens and cockerels and made the different sounds, talked about their colours and sizes.

Then we walked to see the lambs, and in the adjacent field the ewes yet to lamb. We talked about how they’ve still got babies in their tummies like mummy.

Next were the pigs. The pob was adamant we went to see the pigs next and was very excited to see the piglets, he remembered them from his last visit. On the way to the pigs we crossed the stream which looked beautiful in the spring sunshine. We stopped to say hello to a duck.

We counted tiny piglets first, then they got older the further up the barn we got. The pob loved the tiny squeakiness of the newborns and the older ones play fighting.


After visiting all the animals we had some ‘tractor time’ followed by a play on the play equipment and a picnic.

The last order of the day was an ice cream for the pob. Yum.


I love having a visiting farm so near home, we’re looking forward to lots more visits this summer.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


One thought on “Country kids: first trip to standalone 2013

  1. Sounds like life is really busy for you right now with a new house project, new baby on the eway and an active toddler. Great that you are still finding those opportunities to be out and about giving Pob great outdoor time. Seeing these priglets I can’t wait for ours to arrive now. Thanks for linking up on Country Kids.

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