The Hopbine

The house renovation, our phases

I haven’t been able to bring myself to properly detail our house project yet but we’ve got to a stage where there is no doubt we will plough ahead. There’s no turning back. So here is our project and our phases:

The Hopbine, it’s an old pub, built in 1886. It’s been a pub, an off licence, a curry house and tried to be a Turkish takeaway. Now it’s going to be our home.

Idea phase (this belongs to Jason)
Phase 1 (funding, selling our home and starting the process)
Phase 2 (exchange, getting a mortgage and starting the work) this is where we are now!
Phase 3 (ownership, the work continues)
Phase 4 (we have a home again and move in, work continues…forever?!?)


4 thoughts on “The house renovation, our phases

  1. Wow!! How exciting!! I’ve driven past a few times and wondered what was going on there, that’s fantastic, what an amazing home you’ll have congratulations & all the best with your new project x

      1. Ha! We had a huge pile of earth in our garden for best part of a year, I’ve been there luvie, you’re welcome here for a break from the dust, dirt, builders bums any time! X

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