The pob’s 23 monther

The Pob is 23 months and six days old. Where has the baby gone? He is so grown up wanting to do everything ‘selfy’.

Over the past month we’ve moved in with his Granny and Pops whilst Daddy ‘fixes it new house’. It’s been a lot of upheaval for him, he was very grown up saying goodbye to his ‘homey’ and although he has asked to go to ‘mummy’s home now’ he has been very accepting of the situation, mainly I think because he has visited the new house, we drive past it regularly and point it out and we talk about his new room and our new home.

We’ve had a few challenges, not dawdling walking down stairs, sharing toys, hitting (me) and most recently shouting but we are taking our time to explain, be firm and be clear about what is and what isn’t acceptable. It’s been hard for the pob not to have all his own toys and territory. It’s hard enough at 23 months doing the learning you do.

We have a proper mummy on I think because I’m not on mat leave, he loves spending time together. He is missing daddy every day fixing the new house and we have to sing songs, save food and talk about daddy all day.

He has had a few viruses, one visit to hospital and numerous doctors visits which has resulted in a fondness for role play of a doctor. He loves nothing more to have his tummy and back checked and yesterday demanded the midwife check his tummy!

He has changed his mind and now thinks the new baby is a boy. He is excited to meet it and keeps calling any new baby ‘mummy’s baby’.

We have a favourite game of pretending to be asleep and then demanding ‘wake up mummy’ ‘shut the eyes mummy’.

He can now, independently without prompts, identify a circle and a triangle. He can also count to eleven.

His speech continues to improve, he talks in sentences all the time now, mostly issuing instructions like ‘I no like this one mummy’ ‘snuggle in grandpop’s bed with mummy’.

He loves singing and is making up his own songs daily.

He is exhausting me! On the go all day long. I’m treasuring the last few weeks as a mum of one and devoting as much energy as I have to having fun with him. I love my little boy.


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