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Country kids ‘what happens in the woods’

It was meant to be bright sunshine. But it rained. Never the less off we trooped, to the woods. We went to Campton Plantation which is a little ish wood with lots of totem poles, benches, carvings and hills great for running, exploring and learning. It was me, the pob, Granny, cousins George and Lily. Princess lily stayed in the pushchair much of the time due to the mud and rain. The pob spent the entire time legging it after George at top speed and fell over approximately 20 times (why didn’t I put on his rain wear?!?).

The woods are fantastic for independent play and the pob wanted to ‘run selfy’ all the time.

They climbed, built houses, explored the carvings and of course had a snack in a totem pole.


There are some magnificent trees like this one which is still growing out of the side if its trunk.


And I love this picture of the pob with his hand flailed out running so fast down the hill.


And this is the most bizarre carving, slightly spooky!


It did rain and we had to shelter under a tree, we did get wet and muddy (the boys). It was a lovely outing of exploration.


7 thoughts on “Country kids ‘what happens in the woods’

  1. sorry the rain fell instead of the promised sunshine, still you still look like you had just as much fun and i love seeing the children in their wellies and little raincoats x

  2. What an interesting place to visit with so much for the children to explore and do! They all looked like they had a great time and yes the carving of the figure is very spooky. Thanks for linking up your fun outdoors to Country Kids.

  3. Kids don’t care about the rain, that’s what’s great. Looks like a great place to explore and find new things. Popping in from Country Kids

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