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2013 365 #95 ‘goodbye house’

Today was a day of mixed emotion. We said goodbye to our first family home. I am calling this the end of phase one. So it seems it is really happening. We are moving.


Goodbye number 24. It’s been a rollercoaster 6 and a half years. We’ve had happy times, sad times, drunk times, fun times, sleepless times and precious family times, shouting times, crying times and special times.

I remember walking in to the house for the first time and as soon as I stepped over the threshold I knew this was going to be our home. It enveloped us in a secure warm embrace. It had everything we wanted, character, charm, it is a tardis. The garden is beautiful, narrow but over 100ft long. I loved decorating the dining room, choosing my roll top bath and fitting our open fireplace. I’ve loved the hours in the garden before the pob was around. Weekends spent pottering and making a country garden. Here I fell in love with growing.

I’ve spent lovely nights with Emma and Lisa, Lindsey staying. Sharing ridiculous conversations with some of my best friends. Spending evenings in the garden with a bottle of wine. Being lonely and living alone. Being a band widow. Having lodgers. Listening to Interpol at top volume (which we still do with the pob). Getting excited to own our own kittens. Stumbling in drunk. Sitting on the back doorstep. Being pregnant. But most of all being with the pob and becoming a family. Finding out we were becoming parents for the first and second time. Going in to labour with the pob. His first bath, first food, first standing up moment (in the bathroom), first words, first birthday (and the after party). First Christmas. First bedroom. First baby boy, our first son in our home.

But now we are moving on. I am so sad to leave but we are bursting at the seams with no expansion available. I will miss having to walk downstairs to go to the loo at night, miss my floorboards in my dining room, miss my pokey kitchen and my corrugated iron fence. I will miss the constant dust from the oldness of the house. I will miss the warmth and the love from the house.

I will miss our home. Goodbye number 24 you have served us well.

3 thoughts on “2013 365 #95 ‘goodbye house’

  1. We’ve moved three times. When we moved from our first house it broke my heart, but we were moving to a nicer house and better area to bring up our boys.
    The worst thing is finding everything and remembering where everything is in the kitchen!

  2. Oh the first home is so special. We love our house and like you it was home the minute we first stepped in. I hope that your new house is just as full of memories and the pitter patter of tiny feet.

    Thanks for linking up

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