2013 365 #84 ‘packing’

Today the pob helped me to pack up all his cuddly toys in to a huge big box for the new house. Of course he had to get in too. He was extremely good at packing and has been wonderfully behaved even though his home is being packed up around him and all the familiarity of his home is slowly disappearing. He know’s it is going to the new house. We talk about the new house and he knows where it is, when we drive past he can point it out. But he doesn’t know the enormity of what is about to happen.

I’m so very proud of him and his ‘roo roo helping’ to pack.


One thought on “2013 365 #84 ‘packing’

  1. Clover was 22 months when we packed her whole world up into big boxes!

    My worry was as big as her excitement! She was amazing and tool it all in her stride…..they are so adaptable xx

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