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Country kids: a snowy March day in the garden

After dreading another cold and miserable weekend we awoke on Saturday morning to a covering of snow.

MrSlender got the pob up and bought him in to our room where he spent the first 15 minutes looking out the window and commentating on the snow. ‘Mummy car gone, snow’ ‘Snow up nare roof’ ‘Roo roo outside, snow’

I promised him we would go outside and play in the snow.

MrSlender went to the new house to work on stripping out so it was just me and the pob. I didn’t feel inclined to drive anywhere and with a snow covered garden there was all we needed at home. So off we trundled out the back door, all wrapped up to explore our garden in the snow for the last time.
country kids coll 3

We had been pottering in the garden earlier in the week, emptying pots ready for the move and collecting up the pob’s garden toys, worms and snail shells. But it all looked different in the snow so the pob went off for an explore round the bits and bobs stacked up for moving.

We spent a lot of time making snow castles in our vegetable patch raised beds and talked about the snow covering the earth beneath which we kept hitting. The pob was very independent and wanted to build them ‘selfy’.country kids coll

country kids coll2

We played football in the snow and we took off our gloves and drew in the snow too. I wrote the pob’s name. We enjoyed our last play in the snow in the pob’s first home. After that the pob’s hands were very cold so we went indoors for some marsh mallows.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


2 thoughts on “Country kids: a snowy March day in the garden

  1. You certainly have seen your fair share of snow. I love the way Pob takes to doing his own thing building and making in the snow. Writing in the snow sounds very cold indeed, fun while it lasted though. A lovely way to remember your last day at the house. Wishing you all the best for your move.

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