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Country kids: trip trap bridge

This week I’ve got the energy to join in with Country Kids by Coombe Mill.

This morning we went to Radwell, near Baldock. It’s a lovely place to feed ducks, swans and go on adventure walks. It’s perfect for the pob as some of the walks are very short. They are just public footpaths.

We go quite often and when i told the pob we were going to see the swans and the ducks he was very exctied and stood by the front door demanding to go…

Waiting with my wellies

So off we trooped and as soon as we got in the car it started to rain. Luckily we had foreseen this and had our waterproofs on. We parked up near the water, it’s not a pond nor a lake, I’m not sure what you’d call it!? I guess a small lake. We fed the swans, ducks and moorhens brioche and madiera cake – yum! We counted the swans, there were three teenagers and the mummy was on the bank near us. Soon the daddy came over and quite obviously rules the roost, off went the offspring and the ducks to make way for the king of the lake. It’s a beautiful setting, houses surround the water. The people who live here are very lucky. The pob is fearless of the ducks and swans.

We went for a walk after feeding the ducks, the pob had great fun splashing in hugely deep puddles. He wanted to show Daddy the trip trap bridge so off we trotted. We spotted tractor wheels, ploughs and other farm equipment. It’s the wettest yet that we’ve experienced and we stomped around making squelching noises. The pob delighted in following Daddy to the drier patches.

He did ask for a carry a couple of times but on the whole was very grown up and managed to walk the whole walk on his own. Which was tough in the squelchy mud.

We looked at footprints and talked about horse and dogs. He hunted out and pointed out horse prints.

Spotting a horse footprint
Spotting a horse footprint

Then we started a hunt for the Gruffalo and we decided he was over the trip trap bridge so off we went.

Hunting for the Gruffalo
Hunting for the Gruffalo

And we headed rather muddily and tiredly back to the car…

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


One thought on “Country kids: trip trap bridge

  1. What a delightful adventure. I love the photo of Pob by your boots waiting to go, he know there was a good adventure ahead. Lucky ducks too dining out on cake and brioche I’m not surprised you had quite a gathering there for Pob! Well done him on insisting on crossing the trip trap bridge,I hope there were no trolls lurking! Thank you for joining me over on Country Kids.

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