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Birthday presents for a 2 year old: Amazon wish list

The pob is two in two months. The baby is due in two months. We are moving house. These three things have led me to be more organised than last year about the pob’s birthday. I know he is only two but he adores parties. He is always saying about having a party for this, party for that, he can sing happy birthday all the way through. So I thought it mean not to have a party for him. But the baby is due five days before his birthday. I do not want to go in to labour at his party. So we are having it a month early, in April.

This made me think…what will be good presents for the pob, my boy at two.

I LOVE Amazon’s wish list. The privacy settings are good and you can add an extension for Safari so you can post from the wider web too. But to be honest, what can you not find on Amazon? And it’s reliable, quick and has good customer service. It’s super duper easy to set up a wish list on Amazon, even me (IT illiterate) can set one up, and work out how to make it public / private AND edit it. Amazing! The good thing about the wish list is that you can add as you go and as people buy the items disappear so there is no risk of double buying. Fantastic to avoid those five toddler drum sets / plastic guns / recorders you may have otherwise got šŸ™‚

With the Amazon wish list and the wide product range on Amazon you can make sure that you cater for all price ranges. And at the very least, even if people are adverse to buying off a list you can ask them to look at the list and get an idea of some of the things you are asking for and to get something that fits in with the items you’ve chosen. Plus the amount of products you can choose from is far greater than a lot of toy shops online or offline. Amazon cater for boys, girls, crafty, active, bookish, role play….the list goes on.

I have made a list for the pob for his second birthday, trying to make sure I think about what we will do in the next year. What activities he likes as well as what toys he wants to play with. I have balanced a mix of role play, creative play, messy play and outdoor play. You can look at my list on Amazon here.

If I had to pick, my top five things to buy a two year old (from my list) would be:


Floor puzzles like this Dear Zoo one. The pob loves Dear Zoo, they have a great range of products.

A sticker book. Postman Pat, Thomas or just stickers for boys. They are a great present for a two year old.

Sensory toys like these bounce spike balls which will be great for making dens / tunnels (as the pob is so fond of them!)

Juggling scarves / bean bags and other ‘magician’ equipment. There’s loads of games you can play inside and outside with them, dressing up, dressing up teddies / dolls, chase, making snakes, tying knots…

Dressing up costumes, Melissa and Doug are great. There is a few on my list but the fave is the construction worker.


Now I have to pick what we are going to buy from the list!

I have not been requested to write this post. All views expressed are my own.

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