All about the pob

22 months

22 months and two days to be precise. This last month has gone so quickly, in a haze of rib boots, solicitor’s letters and packing boxes.

But my boy is growing in to a grown up toddler.  He is hilarious. His talking is really coming on with new words like ‘carefully’ (not just ‘careful), climbing, playing. He is constantly trying to climb up anything and everything ‘I climbing mummy’, ‘climbing up wall’. He’s become a parrot and the best phrase this month (from MrSlender) has to have been ‘Mummy’s cranky’. Well wouldn’t you be at 32 weeks pregnant, moving house and still working!

He is learning about the new house and is entranced by the diggers. He is in love with Thomas the tank and has learnt all the characters names. Rosie is his absolute fave (much to the disgust of MrSlender…why does he like a girl!?). He loves to pick his own tee shirt in the morning and is in to anything grotesque and tasteless (herds of character tee shirts). He has started to play more independently pushing his trains around his track, he can do a puzzle now too.

We’ve been working on learning people’s names, he knows everyone’s now but has made up a name for Pops – curly wurly. Goodness knows where it came from, his name is Keith but when asked, ‘what’s pop’s name, kkkkkkk’ he states ‘curly wurly’. Therefore pops has indeed become curly wurly.

He has been practicing his role play and has his ‘family’ of Winnie the poohs. When he wants to try something that you are eating / drinking he says ‘I some’ and he has been playing with the poohs and saying ‘I some’ on their behalf and feeding them with imaginary drink / food. Very funny.

He has learnt the phrase ‘my turn’ and uses it frequently. He is a total boy and hates feeding himself, he grabs my hand and says ‘mummy do it’.

He calls MrSlender’s guitar the trumpet (but it comes out ‘crumpet’). He will go up to the guitar and strum it and sing baa baa black sheep.

He’s learning much more about family and is becoming more aware of us as a family unit. We are working on learning about the arrival of the sissy.

He felt the baby move when we were in the bath the other day, his face was a delight and his said ‘more mummy, more sissy’.

He’s a bit confused about the new house, all the boxes and the commotion and he is waking at night having nightmares, he is like a rigid board and needs a cuddle to get back to sleep. He’s stopped wearing gro bags and is now under a quilt (also waking as not yet got the hand of pulling quilt over himself).

He misses his friends and has developed some really good bonds with some of my friends’ children, asking where they are or if we are going to see them today. Particularly Albie and Halle.

He is growing up so quickly. He wants a party for his birthday…another thing to do!

Big boy, nearly a big brother, my beautiful boy.


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