2013 365 #70

Cats, cats, cats…

I’ve always had cats since I can remember. My first cat was called Mrs Below Below or ‘Bousy’. Cats make a home.

Last night I dreamt about the cat stuck in the new house, it lives up the chimney, a ginger Tom. The builder has tried to catch it and it seems he’s also tried to smoke it out, his whiskers are burnt off. Tonight MrSlender caught the stray cat that’s been hiding out in the new house, it was hiding behind some plaster he was ripping out.

MrSlender took him to the local vets, we thought he’d be feral but amazingly he’s been chipped, and he’s in good condition, no legions, cuts or sores. 18 months after being reported missing ‘Q’ as he’s called, has been found. Imagine the shock the James Bond fan owner is going to have tomorrow when they get a call saying he’s been found. Back from the dead no doubt. Explain that to the kiddies if you will.

How weird that we took him in to his actual registered vet. How lucky that it wasn’t a week later when I think the ‘getting rid of’ promise from the builder would’ve seen Q no more.

MrSlender wants to keep Q, our pub cat, if he isn’t taken back but someone in our household has a view on that…

The king of cats, King Bertie


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