Bugaboo – a non review. Totally swindled.

Today I thought I might be able to write a post about my new (to me) Bugaboo Donkey. Oh ha di ha. How wrong I was. For I have been TOTALLY swindled. I am now sitting here hanging my head in shame hearing the tuts of many a mummy in what I have done. I have to get it out. And before you say I told you so, you really don’t have to…I know. But now instead of just feeling let down, disappointed and void of a double pushchair (and £550) I also feel foolish. For I would read this story and think…I would never do that. Beware my friend. We can all get sucked in.

I have been debating what double pushchair to get since I found out about number two. I know I will need one for a while as the pob isn’t even two, he gets tired, wants to walk but can’t manage long distance or even mid. I have a buggy board but really felt for the amount of walking I’ll be doing that I needed a double. Cue lots of research, Which? reviews and internet searching. I couldn’t afford what I really wanted. A new Bugaboo Donkey. Anyone who knows me will know that being Which? recommended made me want it even more!

I wanted it because you can have pram or car seat with a pushchair, the children are side by side, I still get to push my baby in a pram and the pob gets to sit in a pushchair when needed. I have NEVER spent loads of money on anything for me or the pob to do with anything. Most of our stuff is second hand as it is. Then I saw one last Tuesday at toddlers. I looked and thought ‘hmmm that is a pram and a pushchair double, it’s really nice, what make is it…’ low and behold Bugaboo. And do you know what, I thought sod it. I work hard I got a bonus, I’m going to find one second hand and just do it. For once I’m not going to compromise. I’ve never had an expensive hand bag, pair of shoes, coat, purse…anything designer at all ever! So this will be my one thing that I splurge on.

I found my perfect one on Gumtree last week and after exchanged texts, phone calls, emails with the seller decided to go for it. It was a massive decision for me to spend £550. Money is tight. But I reasoned that in six months I might not need it anymore and could sell it on. The lady selling it seemed lovely, we chatted about her children, family and even the decency of people selling online. Oh how foolish I was. After sending half the money she, conveniently, got cold feet about sending ‘such an expensive pram’ without the full amount. So we talked about it (this was the online decency discussion) and I ended up caving and given ‘her’ all the money. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Delivery day was today. I was so excited all weekend to get my new toy. The knocker didn’t knock, no card was left, no bugaboo came. Texts went unanswered, emails unread. Phone calls were ignored. My beloved never arrived.

By lunchtime I knew something was awry. I had heard nothing and her prompt responses weren’t coming. I felt sick. I called Gumtree and they obviously don’t refund. I called the bank, no luck. I reported it to Fraud Alert and the police. I’ve done all I can. The seller’s phone is now disconnected. There is no point emailing, they won’t read it. I am helpless.

So now I am £550 lighter. I am doubtful I will ever recover a penny. I am double buggy-less. I feel completely stupid and absolutely devastated. I have no more money to buy another double buggy let alone a Bugaboo, even second hand. It may seem silly but it was such a huge decision to spend that much and now I’m just sitting here with nothing. No one will wave a magic wand, I can do nothing.

I feel sorry for myself after the burglary, nan dying and now this. How fantastic. Indulge me, it won’t last long.

My advice to you is this. Never ever ever buy anything from Gumtree. Ever. They don’t cover you, PayPal or your bank won’t cover you (your credit card might but I don’t even have one). Even if the fraudster is found there is no guarantee your money will be returned. It might sounds obvious but don’t pay for anything in advance, no matter what the person says to you, how nice they are or what details they give you (I had full name, phone no, address, bank details…). Don’t let your guard down, ever. Stick to eBay (with whom you are covered) or buy face to face or through someone you know or a nearly new sale. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Don’t think other people are decent. They aren’t. Fact.


What I didn't get
What I didn’t get
My none Bugaboo
My none Bugaboo

15 thoughts on “Bugaboo – a non review. Totally swindled.

  1. Thats terrible and makes me feel so angry that someone would do this! I really hope that karma comes and bites them on the arse! Maybe bugaboo would let you review one of their pushchairs if they heard your story.

  2. It’s disgusting how some people could do that to a pregnant woman. I hope your bank can do something for you and that they get what they deserve.

  3. Oh honey, that is so awful, I’m so sorry. Did Gumtree just dismiss it altogether? What a total bitchfaced cowbag 😦 xxxx

    1. No Gumtree were helpful but it’s not their policy to do anything. They just hand it over to fraud investigators and police = nothing will happen! The things she said to me too, talking about her kids etc, she must’ve done it before and will again I bet. Thank you xxx

  4. What a horrible person. So sorry to hear this happened.
    I did the same thing with some bitch who used to be on my Facebook list. It was a phone that I paid £480 for. (I only had the money as it was money my mom left me when she died) She sold me the phone, it didn’t work – I sent it back for her to sort it and I never seen it again, or my £480.
    I suppose it’s a lesson learned and it doesn’t sound like words of comfort right now but you will feel less bitter, just about.
    At least we will never make the same mistake again. x

  5. That’s so depressing, you are clearly feeling absolutely awful, but I’m sure the same could so easily happen to any of us. We all think everyone else is just like us, and if we are good and honest, it’s hard to suspect other people. I hope they catch her.

  6. Really feel for you. Gumtree is fine as long as you pay cash on collection. They do say quite clearly not to send funds via paypal so I guess that covers them not covering you 😦
    Very sorry you’ve been had x x x

  7. Oh Jess, d’ya know what I would’ve probably done exactly the same afterall on eBay you don’t post out until its paid in full, I’d have thought her asking for it in advance was pretty reasonable request, especially having had spoken to them. I was looking on eBay / gum tree free cycle all sorts for a bugaboo bee, had I have found me I’d have done as you did. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Don’t blame yourself for trusting someone that seems so ‘normal’, these types of people do this as a living, preying on good natured vulnerable people, it makes me so so cross.

    Can you keep an eye out for them on Gumtree again, and see if the police can ‘set it up’ to catch them out, sounds all a bit spooks I know, but surely it’s what they should do to protect people from vile people like this god knows how many times they’ve done this??!!??,

    Really hope you can get some if not all your money back, you just don’t need this at all . just sh** xxx

    1. thanks Donna. Makes me feel a little better. I’m not holding out any hope. I maxed out everything I could for the burglary and got nothing back. I just can’t see them being stupid enough to be caught out by lil old me! It’s just small fry to the police! Some people are just rancid human beings x

  8. that is terrible. I know even with paypal they do tell you not to send the goods bought for 5 days as people can claim money back for 5 days after they have handed it over. we got done for a camera like that years and years ago. you will always get nasty people who will find somebody ( sorry) gullible. believe you you wont be the forst and you wont be the last. she probably bought a throw away mobile phone for the 1 transaction.
    Hope some luck comes your way.

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