The Hopbine

Downstairs excitement

I am super duper excited. I have just completely chosen the first room decor in our new home. We are still waiting to exchange but we need to start chosing so…

If it doesn’t work out still for any reason I will just know of some ideas for the future!

So, downstairs toilet. A very important room, one which most visitors will frequent and have no distractions other than themselves in! I was adamant that the room should not be modern, the house is an old pub, only just converted, and I want to use the downstairs loo as a library of images of the pub through time. I am going to find, frame and hang pictures or news articles about the pub for all to survey at their pleasure. It’s a tiny room.

After much debate with MrSlender I won and picked these for our water closet (he wanted modern)…
Picture 1
We are going to have flooring like this, most way through downstairs…Picture 2

Tiles that are left over from our current bathroom for the splashback…
Picture 3

and most exciting of all a bit of wallpaper on the rest of the walls…
Picture 4

EXCITED!!! One room decided, few more to go.


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