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Flashback Friday: coincidence

I have never done a flashback Friday before but I’ve read lots of other people’s posts. I love Lauren’s posts and Jenny’s and this week I thought I would do one. The reason I thought I would take part is because on Thursday I dropped the pob off at Granny’s and she was dropping pops off at the station. So I took a picture of us waiting for her to get back entitled ‘special delivery’. I knew I had sent one before of him on the door step when she’d been on the station run before but I couldn’t remember when it was. Mum loved her special delivery message and today she resent the original special delivery photo. Turns out that it was sent by me, on a KIT day on 29th February 2012. Exactly (if it could be) a year to the day when I sent the next one. And here they are. How bizarre is that, without knowing I’ve taken the same photo a year to the day. And these are the only two times I’ve taken it. How my pob has grown! I remember leaving him before and feeling very anxious, now I’m used to it. You can tell I’m more used to going to work as in the first one I have my make up bag in the photo, now I’ve got mornings sorted and never take my make up to work! It makes me a little wistful and sad of days gone by. But so proud of the toddler he has become. What a weird coincidence. He loves his Granny days. 20130301-195159.jpg



3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: coincidence

  1. Aww love it! I recently looked at a picture of Joshua a year to the day and cant believe that the time is gone .. and it seems like its flown! what a little due he is! 🙂 Loving the car seat too 🙂

  2. what a co-incidence indeed! you certainly have to leave more bags in the top photo! it never fails to amaze me how much our children can grow and change in just one year – its frightening really. he looks adorable and who doesnt like a day with Granny???
    thank you for linking up x x

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