2013 365 #47

This week has been about what I love about our house. We have just accepted an offer on it and found a development project we hope to be able to buy. In the nature of saluting our house, if we move celebrating what I loved, if we don’t move cherishing what I love. But what I love most is the garden.

My garden. My number one thing I love about our house. It was top of the list when we were looking for a house. I wanted a long cottage garden. Our garden is over 100ft long, it’s sectioned – decking, lawn and beds; raised beds and chipping. I’ve spent a lot of time in our garden getting it to where it is. A lot of love has gone in to it. I adore it, it’s like my own haven. I love my beautiful perrenials, magnolia tree, apple tree and my veg patches. Before we had the pob I would spend most weekends in the garden. oh how things change. Maybe one day I will again (in thirty years or so!).

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5 thoughts on “2013 365 #47

  1. The garden looks lovely… I do love a cottage garden too. You will just have to get Pob to help you (when little one is snoozing of course) x

  2. I love our garden too, when we bought the house the garden was just 70×35 foot of grass and broken greenhouse with a concrete washing line down the middle. It’s my little haven now, I completely love it! I like the different zones you have to your garden.

    Thanks for linking up.

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