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My boy at 21 months

Today the pob is 21 months old. It’s flown by. We are now firmly in 2013, I’ve a very swollen belly, and I’m thinking about the pob’s second birthday. It’s amazing how quickly the time has gone. It’s a huge cliche but it’s been the fastest time of my life.

The pob is, as always, a delight. He is so very grown up now. He is very excited for his brother or sister to arrive ‘sissy’ as he calls my tummy. He is absolutely desperate for a big boy bed and is demanding more and more, ‘big bed’ or ‘mummy bed’. He has shot up in height and although is still wearing some 12 month trousers I’ve had to bring out the next stage in most of his clothes.

His talking is phenomenal (I think!!) he can say so many words, two, three and sometimes four together. He can say things like ‘mummy do it’ ‘where Daddy gone’ ‘Bert gone outside’. He has taken to saying its ‘time’ for things like ‘milky time’, ‘daddy time’, ‘cuddle time’. He can say Lucy very clearly now. He can say all our family’s names clearly and can identify them all by name without prompt. He loves his friends and has learnt to say Halle and Rachael, Albie and Lucy, Holly and Joe. He often walks around the house saying that certain things belong to his friends ‘Albie’s snack/shoes/bed’. Or just simply there names ‘Rachael aaa Halle’. The longest sentence I have heard so far is ‘what Bert doing out there?’

In the last few days he has started saying ‘I like it’ or ‘I no like it’ when he is watching / eating / drinking something. In the last week he has started to identify size and will commentate ‘big lorry’, little bear’. Tonight at tea time he said ‘little broc broc’ (brocolli) ‘mummy take it’ ‘mummy broc broc big’. It’s constant, big bus, little bus…

His little funny things with his speech this month are his use of ‘oooh dod’ (oh god) I have realised I must say this all the time! Granny and pops have just got back from holiday and he says they have been on ‘hodilay’.

He can count to ten alone but misses out five. He can identify the colours red and purple. He is working on green, blue and yellow which are still a little hit and miss.

He can jump.

He can sing lots of songs, twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep, bubbles…he can pretty much pick up a simple nursery rhyme after a couple of listens and definitely has his Dad’s talent in the music department, it just seems to come to it very quickly. He loves ‘musics’ as he calls it.

He has two new teeth at the top just peeking through, the canines. So now just bottom canines and four very back molars to go.

He is growing up so very fast. My big little boy.

Wheels on the bus at 21 months


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