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Country kids: just a trip to the park

This week my outside time with the pob was slightly limited. Thursday was a day off this week and we chose to swim in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to get out and about but needed something near so, yep you guessed it, the good old park it was.

The pob is really getting in to the outside world and is very independent at parks now, choosing what he wants to play on and attempting equipment himself. This particular park has a giant sand pit and we spent a good chunk of time testing out walking across sand ‘soft mummy’, ‘mummy walk’, I asked if it was hard to walk on, if his legs felt heavy and other questions about the sensation of walking on sand. He then found a web and although he’s too little to climb he marvelled at it from below nattering about spiders.

Tunnel time. Anyone who has read my blog will know the pob has a current fondness of tunnels so, with a delighted run, we ventured over. This was the first time the pob has been confident to go through the tunnel straight off, without any encouragement. Before I’ve had to go through first (getting a bit tricky now at 28 weeks). But he needed no reassurance. Off he went. His confidence is growing every day. So is he, it’s the first time he’s had to crawl through rather than walk! Getting tall!

Lastly we had a play on the toddler equipment. It’s not the baby stuff, not the big kid stuff. He didn’t want to get down from the climbing frame and was happily sitting down at the miniature table. His Daddy even turned up and climbed up with him so it became a boys adventure. Unfortunately my phone had a blip and wouldn’t work so I just got tunnel pics!

I’m linking up with Coombe Mill for the country kids link

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


13 thoughts on “Country kids: just a trip to the park

  1. My little man is almost two and also completely fascinated by tunnels, dens and curiously hiding in our enormous laundry bag!! Glad to see you have been able to get out in the fresh air despite another cold and overcast week. Roll on Summer!

  2. A giant sand pit is something I would love to have at Coombe Mill, children can spend hours in them building and digging. Lovely to hear his independence growing and so much more fun when Mummy and Daddy join in too. Thank you for linking up with Country Kids, love to see your park sand pit if you get to go again!

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