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A big responsibility, the biggest?

Naming another human. Surely this has to be up there with the biggest responsibility of all. For this person you are deciding what they are like before you know them, deciding their fate at school, shaping the person they become, matching them up to the person they will marry. Or is it just another thing that gets blown out of proportion?
I think about the people I know and love (or dare I say it, dislike) and their names and there are people I can honestly say totally suit their names. I have an expectation of what their name means projected by what I know of others with that name, added to that sometimes names are softer, harder, longer, shorter, posher, poorer, richer, more polite etc etc. People suit names not names suiting people because you are always a person first. But I think sometimes names are nothingy, think of someone with an average name who isn’t average. That’s a shame. You pre judge a person on their name, even subconsciously.
So, with the new baby due in May I’ve been thinking a lot about naming and of course it isn’t just my choice, MrSlender has to choose too.
We have a short (very short) list and we’ve come to it by considering a lot of things, how it sounds with our surname, what is the origin, can I imagine calling it at the school gates, does it match any family traditions, will it work with its brother’s name. There are books and websites and magazines…the information on names is endless, also too much. Going through a book can be tedious and disheartening. We have looked in books but more at authors, actors and characters. Family names and names we like. We just talk about it randomly; we haven’t sat down to decide.

Then there are the top baby names from 2012 the official report from the Office of National Statistics isn’t out until at least August but Netmums have reported these names as the top 20s.

girls names 2012

boys names 2012

Which led us to think, what were the top baby names from 1913, 100 years ago, According to Cafemom these were:

girls names 1913

boys names 1913

And according to a report on baby name trend predictions by US analysts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz we are set to see more ancient names and Roman Gods, sparked by The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. The report states: “Choices we’ll be hearing more of include Augustus and Atticus, Persephone and Athena, Juno and Julius, Thor and Maeve. The appeal transcends the pop culture influence: These names are as powerful as they are deep, arming a child to triumph over earthly challenges ”
Scandinavian names are due to prove popular too so expect Liv, Kai, Magnus, Lars and Astrid to be announced. Their last prediction is the rise of vintage nicknames and what experts are calling the ‘last wave of grandma and grandpa names’ such as Annie, Molly, Ben, Max, Fay Millie, Hank and Monty predicted.
Got you thinking? All in all the most important thing I think when choosing your baby name options is that you and your partner like them. Names are fab and it’s so exciting to pick.

One thought on “A big responsibility, the biggest?

  1. Our son’s name we really struggled with, but for a girls name since day dot I wanted to name her after my nan, to introduce them was incredible, they’ve got a gorgeous bond as it is, but to be her namesake is extra special …..that said if my nan was called mifamwe … It may have been a different kettle of fish 😉 ….this is a lovely post and so true it’s a huge decision!

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