365 · The Hopbine

2013 365 #38

Didn't take long...
Didn’t take long…

Selling your house. One of the most stressful things (apart from getting married and having a baby). Why not do two of the above at the same time!?

Our house sold within a week of being on the market. I’m not just saying this because it’s our family home and a treasured place for us but it genuinely promises to look after people who enter. When I first walked in I knew I wanted to live here. I immediately loved it, nothing to do with the decor, it wasn’t my taste at all at the time. It just has a feel to it. Of homeliness and calm. Even after the burglary, which I was surprised about, it quickly redeemed itself. I love our house. End of. If I could keep it too I would, but I can’t. We have to take the opportunity that has arisen of our dream, to renovate an old property. Yes, the timing isn’t great with the baby due in 12 weeks, yes I will be on maternity leave with a bigger mortgage, yes it will be unsettling at an unsettling time. For us all. But the benefits it might reap outweigh. It might not come off yet. We’ll see.

What is good is that the couple buying our beautiful home are so us seven years ago when we bought it ourselves. They are a young couple, the guy in a band, the girl head over heels with the house. As soon as she walked in, literally after three steps she said she loved it, just like me, and I knew and wanted them to buy it. I’m more content because they will love it here like we have and still do. And the house will give them their first home together, maybe when they get married or have a baby. Herds of happiness to be shared in our home. It’s a happy happy home. I’m so pleased it’s going to someone who loves it as much as I do.

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