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2013 365 #36

This week every day and night I thought if Jenny over at Edspire and her and her family’s loss of Matilda Mae. It is more than devastating and she is a real inspiration. It’s made me shake with tears for the pain they must be in. How Jennie is coping I do not know but the fact she’s found support in the online community is a marvel and is why we are all here together.

A week before Matilda was lost Jennie offered me some advice about my unborn and Britmums Live, having gone herself last year with Matilda as a tiny baby. She doesn’t know me, has never met me, but was so wonderfully kind, thoughtful and supportive. Everything you look for in the community. I’m glad everyone has rallied around to prop her. I wish we could do more.

There are no words to convey our sympathy for the deep pain losing a child must bring, so suddenly and cruelly.

Just for Jennie to know she has people who are thinking of her each day is all we can do.

This week my photo of the week is my son. Inspired by Matilda Mae. So grateful for him, I want to never ever take this for granted.

So much love to Jennie.

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