All about the pob

Working mum

Last night I didn’t see the pob as was having my barnet done. I thought he might miss me but was very suprised that he said to his Daddy ‘mummy work’ and MrSlender patiently explained he might not see mummy tonight but definitely in the morning. Then this morning he woke up early, I knew he would, because he hadn’t seen me last night. And was calling ‘mummy, mummy, mummy.’ We had breakfast together as we normally do and off we went to auntie Lucy’s for the day while I went to work. We got to Lucy’s and he started saying roo roo (this is what he calls himself) home. He wanted to go home. Then said ‘Mummy work’. Even though he’s nearly two and independent, confident and has a wonderful time at auntie Lucy’s my heart felt like it was yanked. I hate having to leave him to go to work. I feel enourmous guilt that he wants to be at home or with me and I am robbing him of that. He is so little and his childhood is so short. Saying all this I have to work and I’m lucky to only work 3 days a week. Some mums are forced to work more. But I sit and think about my little boy and miss his smile and his words, his cuddles and his kisses and look forward to our time we do have together.


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