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Country kids, pooh sticks

Today we had a Saturday without Daddles (as he is now known) as he was a work. in fact the pob woke me up this morning by nattering to himself in bed, daddles work…daddles work…

So Saturday’s alone are always a bit funny because most people are having a day together as a family and you don’t want to intrude. So the pob and I decided we would have a nice morning just us two. After a slow rising off we waddled (me) to feed the ducks. Living in a town we don’t have a duck pond and the nearest ducks swim on the river Ivel that runs through our town. There is a nice park near a weir that we ventured to.

It is a bit of pot luck whether ducks will be around but today we were lucky to find some mallards, two drakes and a duck and three moorhens. The pob was extremely pleased. We fed the ducks and he was very concerned that the ‘mummy’ got her share, she did. Much to my delight when we had finished he didn’t want to go to the park, he wanted to stay by the water so we played one of my most favourite games from my childhood. One that I remember playing with my Granny. Pooh sticks. We had big ones, small ones, heavy ones, light ones. The pob soon picked it up and was posting in the sticks and running ‘quick quick’ to see it come out. Some popped straight out, some stayed under for a while. It will be a great lesson for him when he’s a bit older on why things float and why other don’t. The force of the water is powerful where we were so we had to be quick too. He could’ve stayed for hours just watching the sticks. It was lovely to be out and in the fresh air.

Feeding the ducks at the weir
Feeding the ducks at the weir

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


3 thoughts on “Country kids, pooh sticks

  1. I haven’t taken my little one to play pooh sticks yet but I used to love it as a child so we will have to try it soon. Lovely to find you, popping over from the Country Kids linky x

  2. A lovely photo and pooh sticks is a great activity for little ones. They love water and watching it rushing by. We are lucky enough to have a lovely river and 2 bridges here on the farm and both my children and our holiday makers will spend ours there playing pooh sticks. Handy on days when Daddy is busy working on the farm! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

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