365 · All about the pob

2013 365 #33

Today I just can’t pick one. We had a lovely day, just us, playing, making teddies breakfast, putting them for a nap, going to feed the ducks, whizzing sticks through the weir and having a sofa snuggle.


The pob wanted to mother his teddies which is something he’s just started doing, he even started singing them twinkle twinkle to send them to sleep. He was a perfect boy whilst he waited to see the ducks and then marvelled at mummy duck. He quickly caught on to posting sticks one side of the weir and running to the other to watch them pop out shouting ‘there he is’ when he thought he saw one. This afternoon we went for a walk whilst a couple viewed our house and when we got home we watched a baby Jake whilst tea was cooking and he snuggled me like a little baby. It took me back to him sleeping on me in the daytime.


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