2013 365 #31

Today I had a day off. A proper day off. I had annual leave from work and the pob went to his Nanny’s.

This morning I felt immensely guilty about this, especially when the pob said to me ‘mummy work?’ And I said yes. Do you know what though, everyone needs some time to themselves on occasion and it makes you a better person for it. I’m not trying to justify myself much. I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve relaxed and enjoyed time to myself without worrying about time or feeling guilty. Bliss.

I made dinner and cleaned before 9am so I could revel in the rest of the day guilt free.

I met a close friend in a local town, had a coffee, wandered around, had brunch, she gave mean angel reading, came home, watched SATC film whilst having a reflexology by my friend (highly recommended), went to collect the pob, walked home, had tea and ended my day like this…a simple day to myself, ahhhhhh 🙂


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