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A rare Monday, speedo balls slender

Today I had a rare Monday off. Not having Mondays off I had no toddlers to go to and my pre plans were cancelled so I decided we’d go swimming. Off we went armbands, duck and boat in tow. But we needed a ball. We stopped and bought these speedo balls

from Sainsburys. They were expensive at £5.99 but I’m determined they’ll last. I had promised the pob would have a ball to play with and the other option was a basketball…can’t see that working in the pool.

The pob is growing up fast and singing and bobbing around does not now cut the mustard. He’s become fiercely independent in the water and absolutely fearless. With his zogg roll ups on he was launching himself in and kicking away. The change in him since we last went swimming is a true transformation. He was saying ‘mummy I swimming’ ‘Mummy swim’ ‘Kick kick, mummy do it’. Just a delight to watch how he could enjoy being so independent. He was laughing and watching other children swim, copying what they were doing.

We used his speedo balls to throw and catch and to throw and swim to collect, he loved doing this and delighted in telling me ‘squid ball, get it!’. The balls are great and soon enough the other children in the baby pool wanted a piece of the action, luckily they come in a set of three so we could share the delight. The pob surprised me by picking up one of the balls once soaked and saying ‘ball heavy’ a great lesson in why the ball felt heavier (especially for older children). The balls are perfect for playing and building confidence, he loved them so much he was concentrating on them and balancing alone.

We ventured to the adult pool (with one ball) where we went deep enough for him not to touch the floor. Here he surprised me by maintaining his confidence and wanting to swim alone, and doing so. We still played retrieve the ball which he loved. We met a lady who was learning to swim, in fact she was part of a swim class about to start for adult learners. She was talking to the pob and encouraging him, once in her class she swam past us and the pob said ‘well done lady’ and clapped. It made me think how important it is to learn to swim at an early age and how all these aids to build confidence are so so important. The children using them are playing, having fun, but learning a life long (and maybe saving) skill too.

Over the next few weeks we are going to try out some other swim fun toys and see what the pob thinks…

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