All about the pob

20 months and counting

So the pob is now 20 months old. And he can’t quite count to 20 but can count to four. He has done really well with his numbers and can count to four alone. Then he needs a bit of encouragement to get to 10. He can pick up one of his snuggly blankets and say ‘one’ go and find another and say ‘two’. He definitely knows what two is. He can identify purple and red but is still confused about blue and yellow and needs a little help.

He’s been learning up and down, on and off, in and out and sometimes gets a bit confused (on for out, out for up etc). He is doing really well. He is calling his daddy ‘daddles’ and saying ‘I some’ when he wants what you have got! He says ok a lot but pronounces it ottaaaaay. He has started calling mummy in the night if he wakes.

He still doesn’t have any more teeth.

He can say sorry, kiss, Katie, Lucy, there it is, blue, yellow, green, cat, red, purple, pink, table, chair, big boy, play, go out, garden…the list is endless, he can pretty much say anything you say to him. He has put two words together a lot and has said a few three word sentences like ‘I some please’ ‘mummy under table’. He has started having his milk in a beaker and calling it mulky mulky and calls drinks drinky drinky (he has not got this from me but made it up himself). He comes out with words that I didn’t even know he knew, like ‘robot’. His language really is amazing and he never stops talking.

He is very interested in vehicles and playing with his cousins Harry and George. He is a total boy and likes to jump on them and tickle them. He loves tractors and diggers the best. He has started to be a little naughty and his emotions sometimes get a bit too much for him (normally when he is tired and only to me or his daddy) he will slap the floor or us. It’s only ever us! I’ve started to try and explain emotions when he acts like it to help him understand it’sok to feel different things. The other day he was fake crying in the car and said ‘I crying Mummy, I sad’…very hard to keep a straight face!
He loves the baby in mummy’s tummy and calls it sissy (even though we don’t know sex) he made up the name himself! He ’tisses’ (kisses) it and demands me to get my belly out.

He is desperate for a big boy bed and gets in anyones at any opportunity.

He is growing like a weed, has long legs and is adament he can ‘walk’ or do things ‘self”.

My beautiful independent pob x

Me and the pob
Me and the pob

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