2013 365 #12

Harry and the pob at birthday tea
Harry and the pob at birthday tea

Today is my eldest nephew’s sixth birthday. I can’t believe it’s been six years since he joined our family. It’s flown by. I remember being so anxious for my sister and for him as he didn’t have the easiest entry, being confirmed breech when Lucy was in labour. I was so excited for him to be born, I remember marveling at Lucy’s swelling belly, the excitement I felt for myself becoming an auntie and for my sister in becoming a mother, all the anticipation for my first nephew. I remember the call to say Lucy was in hospital. And I remember finding out it was a boy, and holding Harry beak as we used to call him for the first time. I know that no love can match what a mother feels for her child but being an auntie comes extremely close for me. And I was so happy and proud of my sister and Stephen. I have felt that motherly love now with the pob and I can honestly say that when Harry was born I felt a rush of love and was absolutely besotted with him, like i was with the pob. He is still very very special to me, as are George, Lily and Martha.

Harry was extra super duper because he taught me how a baby can be so exciting, special, joyous, confusing and wonderful. I’d never cared for a child before and having Harry as a nephew was eye opening, Lucy would let me take care of him, feed, bathe, babysit when he was just six or so weeks old I think it was. That trust gave me the confidence to build a really strong relationship with Harry, and then a year later with George, Harry’s brother. They are both so different and have grown and turned in to such wonderful young boys. Six years of being an auntie has flown by and I feel privileged I can play such a big part in their lives, watching how they grew as babies I missed them if I didn’t see them for a few days, how when I went to India for three months I missed them most of all (apart from MrSlender), how I can be their best friend, a surrogate parent, an auntie, the boss or anyone they need or want me to be. They listen to me, want to play with me, get excited to see me and most special of all are so excited to have a cousin and play and look after the pob like a brother. And they are super excited for the sissy to arrive.

Harry at six has turned in to a young man who is polite, kind, generous and caring. He is so loving and very clever. We definitely have a special auntie – nephew relationship, extra extra special.

Happy birthday Harry xxxxxx


2 thoughts on “2013 365 #12

  1. You write so beautifully and honestly, love u all x x had a very special day, celebrating Harrys 6th bday with my lovely family x x x

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