The girl with one pearl earring

On 30th November my personal space was totally violated. I’ve wanted to write about it since but haven’t had the focus. Before the new year I want to get it out and get on with 2013.

We were burgled. It could’ve been worse, it wasn’t too bad what they took and did but I struggle with my haven, my baby’s home, our home, being occupied by uninvited visitors.

It’s rare I work on a Friday but typically this one I had to go for a pointless meeting in the big smoke. The house is NEVER left without a car or van on the drive on a Friday. Our back gate was open and stupidly our shed unlocked, as it had been for the past six years. We don’t use the front door (we do now). And the shed’s now locked.

I got home first switched on the lights and instantly felt annoyed with MrSlender who’d clearly been scrabbling around emptying everything looking for his key. It’s funny, I knew he’d left his key at work and even though I knew he couldn’t get in unless I was there I instantly thought it was him. I always thought when I’d been burgled I’d know straight away but I was so confused, my mind could not compute someone else being in our space. I went back out to see if my boys were home and as soon as I could, said to MrSlender that I thought someone had been in the house. A friend had pulled up to give the pob a gift so both men went to investigate and the pob and I followed.

We rely on our Xbox not only for MrSlender’s entertainment but to watch SkyGo and the first thing that was done was to check if the Xbox was there. It wasn’t. Neither was the iPad, I’m writing on my phone, a camera, a load of cash and most devastatingly all the jewellery I’ve even owned. I was left one pearl earring and the necklace MrSlender bought me on our wedding day. They emptied it all into one of our pillowcases.

But a month on it’s not even the loss if all my precious things that has affected me. It’s that someone or some people are so desperate, for what ever reason, probably drugs at a guess, that they can go in to someone’s home, my home, and just take and invade what is our haven. I’m strong enough to make sure it’s still our home, to make sure we get on and feel comfortable and happy here, which we do. But I just can’t comprehend someone being so desperate to do that to us, or to any other human.

I don’t know if I feel sorry for them or just sickened by the fact that sometimes people just have no morals.

It doesn’t matter now. I just hope we get some insurance money and I can have fun picking my new jewels…


4 thoughts on “The girl with one pearl earring

  1. Do you know what, some people dont do it for drugs or anything like that, they do it for greed because they’re horrible thoughtless people with no morals. I understand how you feel, I hope it becomes easier and the insurance pays out xx

    1. Yes, I spose they do and I would like to hate them but I still think that they don’t have a happy life, that can’t make you happy and it makes me feel lucky that I have been bought up to know right from wrong, to respect people and to enjoy a nice simple family life! x

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