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The pob’s Gruffalo verse

The Gruffalo helped the pob to learn body parts from the book ‘Gruffalo Touch and Feel Book’. It’s a short version of the Gruffalo with nice bits to touch and feel for little babes (sticky warts and all). He learnt nose, eyes and tongue from this book. Its fab.

Picture 2

I love the Gruffalo too so it was a win all round. Before I noticed Mummy Constant’s comp I bought a Gruffalo outfit for the pob for his crimbo fancy dress this year. Will add pics when have some with it on.

Anyway, we wanted to stick to traditional with our verse, we are suckers for rules in the Slender family. So, as weasels eat mice ours is about a weasel…here it is:

A mouse took a stroll in a deep dark wood,

A weasel saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.

“Where are you going to little brown mouse?

Come and have afternoon tea in my sand dune house.”

“That’s terribly kind of you Weasel but no, I’m going to tea with a Gruffalo.”

“A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?”

“A Gruffalo why didn’t you know?

He has treacherous breath, and hands made of steel,

He makes a noise when he’s hungry, a high pitched squeal.”

“Where are you meeting him?”

“Here under this bridge,

And his favourite nibble is a weasel sandwich”

“Weasel sandwich, must dash.”

Weasel blurted

“Goodbye little mouse”

And quickly he skirted

Silly Weasel doesn’t he know,

There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo.

It was actually quite challenging to think of the rhymes!

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