All about the pob

Today’s butterfly kisses

Today I had a random thursday off work with the pob. It was a lovely day. He woke early, about 6.30 so I got him in bed with me, in the dark and we snuggled for about 10 mins before I got the ‘maaaaaaulk’ ‘brek brek’. I was loving snuggling my baby in bed but I was also conscious if not moving at all and breaking the spell. Our morning plans were cancelled last min so we spent the morning at home, something we never do really. We sat on the window seat for an hour and a half playing. No toys, just me and the pob. We played what vehicles are going past, colours, hide and seek under the cushions, sleeping lions. But my fave of all, butterfly kisses. Where the pob lays down, demands I lay down too and I give him butterfly kisses (with eyelashes for those who haven’t experienced). He loved it so much that every time I raised my head he’d push it back down saying ‘gen mummy, niiiice’ he was so sweet, he was kissy, cuddly and lovely. He spent about ten minutes kissing one of my cheeks, then the other. It was such a precious morning.

We had lunch at the grandparents and then came home, had tea and had a long bath together and a big play.

We sung lots of songs with MrSlender too in the kitchen, the pob can make call the sounds and actions to wheels on the bus. And he sings twinkle twinkle beautifully, if slightly incorrectly!

At bed time when he was having milk and kept stopping to comment on ‘maulk’, ‘mummy’, ‘dog’ then in his cot when I was singing to him again the commentary was there, ‘dog’, ‘octnaught’, ‘bed’. It’s like he’s just realised he can comment on everything all the time!

Then the day ended with ‘naaat naaaat, oovvv ooou’

Lovely butterfly day with my pob

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