All about the pob

Boy time at chez slender

Tonight the pob is having a sleepover with his big cousin Harry. We went to collect Harry from school, the pob was waiting and waiting and demanding where’s georrr? Harry’s brother, he was struggling to say Harry so called them both George. Once collected he babbled all the way home. Harry sat in the front and we had a good chat about the moon, why we see which bits when and where it is. Once home the pob was beside himself with excitement to have his big cous all to himself in his home. He was jumping on him, squawking, tickling, standing on him, following him like a shadow. We made a tent and played hide and seek. He even started saying Arry. They had tea together after which Harry told me he was very tired, the pob was doing his head in as he wouldn’t leave him alone! So H chilled and the pob and I read some books before a bath, during which the pob let Harry squirt him and tip water on his head, with absolute delight. Once out if Harry wasn’t in the room the pob demanded Arry where?

Then off we went up the wooden hill, Harry in charge, where we had songs and stories before H gave the pob his milk. The pob got in bed and where normally he’ll lay down for twinkle and bubbles, because Harry wanted to sing too the pob was standing up signing away to the songs. In the end I had to ask H to wait in the hall whilst I told the pob he’d gone to bed. He laid down and fell asleep muttering Arry where. He was so happy to have his big cousin to stay.

Harry is now in bed too, after a lovely snuggle on the sofa with quite a lot a few biscuits. He said to me before he went off, the pob will jump on me in the morning. Yes, no doubt he will. I can’t wait.

Such a loving cousin to our gorgeous boy.


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