Motivated mostly by men

The reason I wanted to write about Movember firstly was because I’ve come across a herd of random IT/Finance men at work, in meetings, and struggled to not be completely side tracked by their ridiculous and let’s face it, unattractive, facial hair. I’ve found myself scanning the office for them and quietly tracking their progress, fascinated by how a 50 something man can still struggle to grow facial hair whilst others are simply bristling to grow. It’s made me think about the whole campaign. I’m absolutely so impressed at how this fundraising initiative has not only stood alone but far succeeded any expectations in terms of involvement. It’s empowered men to stand together with a tip of the hat and a nod of the head. To not have to hug or kiss or cry but to still say, I’m here, I get it, I support you, I’ve been there, I want to help. I guess that’s the secret to success. They don’t like to shout about stuff, and they don’t need to, their mo speaks for itself and it unites them in a way so comfortable and still masculine. It’s something for them as our men, to join together.

I actually thought Movember was a campaign thought up by cancer research but how wrong I was. It’s actually a standalone charity. It was formed from a group of 30 men in Melbourne Australia in 2003. A mere eight years later, it’s grown to 85,4288 participants and thousands more supporters. The foundation is an Australian not for profit and operates now pretty much worldwide. In the UK its a registered charity in England and the funds go to prostrate cancer uk and the institute of cancer. In the UK last year 25,2000 supporters helped raise money for things like community support centres, community nursing and information regarding health for men.

Its a fantastic campaign turned charity and embraces everything you need a fundraising campaign to be; fun, empowering, serious, visible, easy, inclusive and within limits. I wish I’d thought of it. Pure brilliance and just growing and growing.

The second reason I’ve taken more notice this year is because testicular cancer has touched not one but two of my very dearest friends’ husbands/partners. We don’t understand why cancer invades our lives, affects some but not others, kills or cures but campaigns like Movember can help to support us, educate and one day perhaps prevent. Lets hope.

If you can spare give a mo bro a penny of two. After all they look utterly ridiculous! And if you can’t spare remember to give them a nod or a tip of the hat who knows why they’ve grown their mo.

Support a Mo bro here…

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