All about the pob

A kiss

Last night I put the pob to bed, he had his milk, gave me his bottle and then said and signed bed. I said would you like to go to bed now and he said yes, I said can mummy have a kiss and he said yes and gave me a kiss. I tucked him up, sang him twinkle and bubbles and said night night. 12 and 1/2 hours later I hear a little babbling and go in to get my baby ready for the day. I say good morning, open the curtain and blind turn to his cot and he is sitting poking his face through the bars and demands ‘kiss’ so I kiss him through the bars ‘niiiiiiiice’ ‘kiss’ and again. Then I say it’s morning, shall we get up? Morny he says as we have a little cuddle. Precious little kisses.

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