All about the pob

It’s a big un, 18 months

It’s a milestone. The pob is now 18 months old. I keep forgetting he was born in 2011, it seems so long ago but it’s gone so quickly.

I am so proud of his development. He’s very helpful, he tidies when I ask and help him, he will put things away for me, or in the bin. I can reason with him to a certain extent. The other morning I told him he needed to put his toothbrush back in the bathroom before he had breakfast which he dutifully did. It’s the little things that make you realise how fast they grow.

He stands at our bedroom window in the mornings now and commentates on the vehicles passing by, bus, car, bike, truck, tractor. He can differentiate between them and identify them with words. He also has an aquarium play set and he can tell you what’s a crab, fish, turtle, plant (tree), octopus, using words too. It has amazed me how much he has soaked up over the past month and how many words he can use to identify things.


You can ask him now if he wants something or to do something and he can recognise if he wants to or not and tell you.

He has finally dropped his morning nap so just one two-hour nap a day now. I knew he didn’t need it when once he didn’t sleep at all. I could hear him chatting for 20 mins and from then on I asked him if he wanted a nap. Once or twice he’s said yes so he’s had 20 m s but more often than not he’s happy without.

He has also been sleeping well, I haven’t had to go in to him for a few weeks, sleeping 7pm-7am pretty much.

He’s got eight teeth to go, four right in the back corners and his four canines.

He thinks you use a spanner to cut toe nails, I have no idea why! He’ll grab his bob the builder spanner and dutifully go round trimming everyone’s toes!

He is obsessed with books and likes nothing more than to pick out books and have a good read.

He is totally in to choo choos (trains).

He’s been taught by his grandad to go round walls knocking on then saying knock knock, this is a new fav pastime. He can tell you he wants to wear his boots, shoes or slip slops (slippers).

Like every toddler his family are his world, he adores his daddy. When he picks up a toy phone he says yeah yeah and either daddy or pops. Pops is def on top of the popularity list. Just yesterday granny spoke to him on the phone and he signed love you to her (obvs she couldn’t see).

But absolutely most special of all when asked what’s in mummy’s tummy he says sissy. Every single time. I say to him, but it might be a brother and he says sissy, I ask him is it a brother or sister and every time he says sissy. I say to him lets call it the baby, it’s a baby. I’m sure he’ll pick it up. I think because he has girl cousins near to him in age he desperately wants a sister. I don’t know, I don’t think he’ll mind either way really.

So at 18 months he is using words, a new one this morning was morning. And signing is getting less and less.

He’s a kind wonderful boy and I absolutely treasure him.



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