All about the pob

Boy time at chez slender

Tonight the pob is having a sleepover with his big cousin Harry. We went to collect Harry from school, the pob was waiting and waiting and demanding where’s georrr? Harry’s brother, he was struggling to say Harry so called them both George. Once collected he babbled all the way home. Harry sat in the front… Continue reading Boy time at chez slender


Times of change and unexpected challenge

I’ve found that since the pob every single one of my friendships and relationships has changed. Some for the worse some for the better. Over the past 18 months it’s something that I’ve personally found challenging and to be honest, hard. You have less time, the time you have is precious, you want to spend… Continue reading Times of change and unexpected challenge


Motivated mostly by men

The reason I wanted to write about Movember firstly was because I’ve come across a herd of random IT/Finance men at work, in meetings, and struggled to not be completely side tracked by their ridiculous and let’s face it, unattractive, facial hair. I’ve found myself scanning the office for them and quietly tracking their progress,… Continue reading Motivated mostly by men