All about the pob

16 months in the New Forest

Today the pob is 16 months old. We woke in Sandy Balls (thats a holiday park btw) in the New Forest, to a searing cry only to find a very sad boy with a sweaty head and high temp. 38.4 degrees. Teeth. Of which we have seven and about five on the way it seems.

We are on a mini holiday with the slender brood. We arrived on Friday to a lodge under a beautiful canopy of trees, travelling past ponies on the way. Night one and the pob had his cot and a double bed to himself whilst adults all slept in single beds. We’ve ventured to the river Avon where Grandad and Pob delighted at poo sticks, been swimming in a crowded horrid pool which the pob loved. He learnt to kick his legs ( rather unsuccessfully but still…). We’ve been in a sticky sweaty soft play area where, as usual every child was magnetised to us as I actually played with them. The pob went on a spinner and got so dizzy that he couldn’t even stand. There’s been tennis of course (of the watching kind), football (of the learning kind) and bubble blowing (with a giant wand). We’ve visited Mudeford to the beach and Fordenbridge for dinner where he got confused between peas and please again and signed please please for peas. Sweet. And our last outing today is to the New Forest wildlife park.

He’s marched grandad around, mostly to the shop where he’s been bought all manner of toys, balls, treats. He’s taught the shop assistant thank you in sign language. He was bought some popping candy ‘not suitable for 0-3’ which got given to Grandad, the results,of which you dot want to know!

The pob has learnt to sing and has made up a rather delightful song of ‘doo doo doo daaaa daaa daaa’. Tis very catching. He’s been a brilliant wonderful boy. He’s leant to sign hot and plane. I’m very proud of how well behaved he’s been. He’s barely whined even though he’s tired. He’s loved being with his family.

He’s shared his Nanny and Grandads ruby wedding anniversary on which day he tried to dig to Oz at the beach to share His auntie tam and uncle eds too but unfortunately got distracted by a Nak nak (snack).

He’s had is second mr whippy ice cream which he thinks is delightful, he had his first visiting nanny seaside in Clacton earlier this week.

He’s missed his uncle Jamie, auntie Katie and cousin moo though. He was very sad they couldn’t come in the end. He had a lovely day on Friday before we left with moo playing and sharing. He can say share beautifully but did absolutely not want moo to use his slide. He was very protective! Perhaps as he’s learnt independence in play from climbing it.

16 months old, growing like a weed, nearly as tall as Livvy. Eating like he’s starving, drinking milk from a beaker, chatting, singing and playing and sharing beautifully. Lovely pob. But he needs a haircut.

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