All about the pob

15 months

Although I don’t have much time to write these days I want to note the pob’s development for us both in years to come.

At 15 months the pob is growing fast. He’s having a growth spurt and constantly asks for food by signing or saying ‘nak nak’ (snack). He is like a dustbin! He still has milk twice a day, sometimes in a beaker, he isn’t really fussed. He can run, jump on a trampoline, say ‘more’, ‘nanna’, ‘puss puss bert’. He chatters all the time to himself, it’s lovely but today dad said ‘what are you going to do when he can actually talk, you won’t get any peace?’. I can’t wait. He plays boo under his flannel, in his garden tunnel, anywhere really.

He loves picking and eating fruit from the garden. He adores singing and if I stop he signs more and says more and cries! He loves books and will pick out a book that he wants over another. He’s got a hankering for dressing gowns and starting trailing mine around so now sleeps with it. He can just about go backwards in his push along car or on a trike but not forwards yet.

His signing has come on now with home, more, please, thank you, plane, car, boy added to the list.

He’s tasted juice and loves it but most of all he loves fruit pastel lollies….mmmmmmm yummy he sucks them up in 2 seconds!

He can point out his hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, tummy, hands, toes, feet and bottom.

My clever boy growing up so quick. I miss my baby but love my boy.

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