All about the pob

14 months

The pob is very nearly 14 months. He is beautiful. And in my opinion the cleverest boy ever. I’m so proud of him. It’s been up and down over the last few weeks with horrific sleep and separation anxiety from me going back to work but it hasn’t stopped him developing in leaps and bounds.

First words are well and truly established and are: duck, cat and goal. He’s trying to say star and can obviously say woof still. He bought me a treasure for my birthday, a duck charm for his first word and I’ll keep it forever. He’s a clever boy!

He now can pick and eat strawberries from a plant, can slide down a little slide alone and can feed himself with a fork. he’s also learnt to jump on a little trampoline.

He takes after his mother and is stropping to get his own way. Yesterday he wanted to play in he garden but it was raining (shock) and when I said no he cried and pounded the floor. I know it’s wrong but spending time apart from him is so hard so I gave in and on went the Wellies and rain coats and out we went on a strawberry and raspberry hunt. Mmmmmm yum.

We have tooth number five poking through, left side of his front teeth on the top.

He’s in the bath now, I can hear him mummmm mummm and here he comes to find me so off I go….


One thought on “14 months

  1. He sounds like he’s picking thighs up so quickly. My OH always says our son strops like me. (ofcourse, he’s wrong wrong!!)

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