All about the pob

Working girl

The dreaded day has been and gone, well technically it hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s groundhog day Monday-Thursday. Yep I am now a working mum. I want to work, but I already want to work less and I’m only two weeks in. I’ve decided to note it down so the pob knows how I feel about leaving him but I’m going to end on why I love work to balance it out and remain positive.

So, what I don’t like about working:
Leaving the pob
The morning rush
The evening preparations
The pob wanting me when I leave him
The pob’s face when I’m home (actually I love it but I hate what it means)
The pob’s unsettledness at bed time not wanting me to leave him
Not being able to take the pob to the docs
Missing the pob all day
Missing teaching the pob
Missing signing with him
Feeling sad when I missed a new sign he did
Missing family meals
Missing quiet time before bed, it’s now excited to see mum time
Being together
Being a mummy

What I do like:
The pob has his auntie Lucy, cousins and granny to take great care of him
He gets to spend more time with cousin Lily which means they’ll grow up closer
That Lucy and mum realise how important his signing is to us and teach him new signs
The fact that I care and so does the pob, must mean we have a good bond
Love that he wants me to get in the bath each night, so I do, and it’s so fun
Getting a coffee alone whenever I like
Thinking at 50 mph not 100mph, working is comparatively easy
Being listened to and valued
Being a little bit of the old me (but surrounded by photos of the pob)
Money (call me shallow)

Today is a pob Friday so am extra happy. I can hear him saying uh oh so going to retrieve him….


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